It's the last full day here in NOLA for most so let's set it off with a toast. Grab a drink and even if they stink, gather close. Look at a pal and say out loud, "East met West to celebrate one of the best (Aaron) and for a crazy NOLA experience. So I'm going to give this scavenger hunt my all and play it like a gator, cuz a gator ain’t got no law."  


1. We’re not in Kansas anymore, my dawgs! There's no yellow brick road to follow here. The locations are scattered and the fun to be had is up to just one matter: How hard will you go? If you'd rather just be home, try clicking your heels together, of course you’ll just look like a gimper because you don’t have Dorthy’s  _______.

2. If this list of clues has you feeling stumped, maybe you just need a pick me up. After chugging this brew, you'll surely “ACE” the next clue.





4. Your eyes might bug out, but don’t you fret… Here’s a snack you’ll never forget. Termite be things you've never eaten before, but don’t be a pest and protest, just take a bite and do your best!


5. After that last challenge, you might think the room is spinning and if you were having a drink at this bar you wouldn't be wrong, you'd be winning.



7. Willlllllbur! Personally, I like carrots and apples and think what you come to eat here is gross, but I won’t be so shellfish to deprive you of what you love most.


8. You ain’t pretty, it’s true. If you got atop this bar there wouldn’t be HOWLS, just boos.


9. Nuck if you ______. It’s hot as fuck, you should take a break from this scavenger ______.





11. This place has a big name for a menu with just one food option. Take a seat and enjoy this famous sugary concoction.


12. “I blew out my flip-flop, Stepped on a pop top. Then they permanently closed my alcoholic slushie shop”



14. I hope figuring these out took a while and doing the challenges made you smile. No need to do a loop, let's stay out here for some bomb seafood gumbo soup.